Behind La Franco Spada

A look into La Franco Spada's Designer.

Gianfranco Dadone

Gianfranco Dadone

Franco was born in Toronto Canada, all the while embracing and remaining closely woven to his European roots. Coming from a hardworking Italian family, he began working at the age 16 where he was exposed to various industries by the age of 20. As a result, Franco was lucky enough to discover one of his passions early on – designing luxury footwear for women. Over the last few years, he has been exposed to the originality of Italian designers, tailors and shoemakers where his imagination was able to roam freely and exercise his creativity as seen through the lens of exotic stilettos. Franco has always admired the elegance of a well-designed pump but felt that there was not enough out there that displayed elegance in conjunction with power, attitude and sensuality. In 2019, Franco brought his dream of revolutionizing the world of women’s high heels to life with his iconic designs as seen within his collection.

As La Franco Spada continues to gain international applause, Franco & the LFS team spend much of their time working to improve the company and elevate its recognition, bravura and message to the highest of calibers.

When Franco was asked to provide a brief glance into the future of LFS, his response was representative of his ambitions for the company, his aim to empower women across the globe through his flirtatious yet fierce collection of stilettos and his whimsical humor. "Our team is encapsulated by an aura of creativity, purpose and determination. Our shared desire to leave the sexiest and most influential footprint in the world of luxury footwear is extraordinary. As women take over the world, doing it in a pair of La Franco Spada would add an additional layer of arousal and superiority".

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