Glamour Article Feature: The Luxury Stiletto Brand You Need to Know

This is an English translation of the latest Glamour Article, “La Franco Spada: The Luxury Stiletto Brand You Need to Know”.

Sometimes a new luxury shoe brand appears in Europe that takes the world by surprise. This time it comes from Milan, Italy in the form of true love for women… luxury stilettos. La Franco Spada is a brand that exudes seduction and rebellion while bringing gothic elements and luxurious details. Their stilettos are elegant, fierce and flirtatious. These high heels are eye-catching. When you first look at them, you will immediately see that La Franco Spada have a distinctive look, whose design accent stands out on every heel in their collection – the sword. This is stunning.

Each model of the collection is made of the highest quality leathers and silks. Also, the craftsmanship is exceptional. The comfort level is something they can also boast about. La Franco Spada have a unique approach when it comes to more comfortable high heels. Each shoe is made with an inner layer of plush material, improving the comfort of the feet. In addition, the custom heel-to-sole construction gives the lady increased ankle stability for a more comfortable experience compared to other traditionally made stilettos.

La Franco Spada’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with the production of the style… Their box is something of a collector’s item. Different fabrics are used in the packaging, making it an experience you’ll probably want to post on social media.

La Franco Spada is gaining popularity in the public eye as they are expected to take part in various fashion weeks around the world as well as collaborate with famous celebrities. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, they shared that their future is just beginning and they will continue to disrupt the world of luxury footwear for years to come.

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